Meet Yurii Ostrovskyi at NineTwoThree

Yura works as a native iOS developer at NineTwoThree and brings on the magical combination of positive attitude, great personality and strong expertise in mobile architecture. He takes a great pride in the craftsmanship needed to produce fully functional mobile apps that are both beautiful and free of bugs. Yurii provides critical feedback during the sprint planning and project estimation and drives his entire team to growth and success.

Outside of work, he loves building action figures from the game Warhammer 40,000 - a hobby that provides him with countless hours of joy and satisfaction.

Fun facts about Yurii:

🎬 If he could be a movie character it would be Monkey D. Luffy. He loves anime, and choose this character because he is cheerful and responsive.

😜 Favorite place: "At the moment there is no candidate, I still need to visit more places."

📱 If he had to delete all but 3 apps from smartphone, he would keep Music, Maps, Messenger app.

"At NineTwoThree I appreciate a nice and friendly atmosphere, great team!"

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