Meet Anna Ploska at NineTwoThree

Anna loves ending meetings with "let's make some magic”, and indeed, the magic happens!🔮 She manages all phases of the development keeping everyone organized and on time. Anna nurtures her team, leverages their expertise, and leads by example. She can take a tremendous amount of stress off our clients' shoulders during both the discovery and implementation phases of the project. This is just another example of how NineTwoThree continues to be responsive to customer needs while providing outstanding quality of service.

Fun facts about Anna:

👨‍💼 If she could be a movie character, it would be Michael from "The Office".

🌷 Favorite place: Amsterdam.

🎵 If she had to delete all but 3 apps from a smartphone, she would keep Telegram, Youtube music, Gmail apps.

"I love NineTwoThree for the team and our magic atmosphere!"

Join Us! Send resume to or contact us directly to DM!🤝

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