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Working with human resources presupposes a symbiosis of skills such as communication, administration, proactivity, empathy, consideration of intercultural characteristics, and many others. Also, we don't need to remind you that staying on top of the latest trends in HR management is necessary if you're an HR guru!🦸‍

In order to hire the best and understand your people, you need to know how the field of HR management is changing. That is why we talked with our HR manager Maria Shvets and learned from her a list of the best books that help her to better understand people and effectively manage human resources.

She started this list with "Winning The Hearts. To reach out to the hearts of employees". This book is about the importance of employees' happiness. The authors answer why it is so important to care about employees, and only after that, about clients. After reading this book, she noted that happy employees can make a business more successful and profitable. But more importantly, the authors share some hints on how to win employees' hearts.

Are you interested in understanding how startups work? "Zero To One by Peter Thiel" will help you understand that creating something new is much more valuable than a copy of what already exists. Zero to One is full of intuitive insights that help structure your thinking and spark possibilities.

If you work in an international company, it is important to understand how the culture of different countries affects work and communication. "The Culture Map by Erin Meyer" book can explain some patterns of people's behavior or reactions to feedback about their work. If you want to succeed in managing within a diverse cultural context, this book is a perfect guide from which you can start.

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