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Did you know that if you have around 100,000 followers, you could make an extra $50,000 with the same content?

📱   Stand out with your own app on iOS & Android
🏗️   Convert your followers to monthly paid subscribers
📨   Actively engage with your fans without the competition
💰   Control your ads and get paid directly

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Lock in your brand story & drive more revenue without additional effort

People love you. You have so many followers. But your followers want more.
They want a place to find exclusive content that lets them know you care right on their home screen.

Create exclusive
Charge via
subscriptions, in-app purchases, or more
Keep 95% of Sales (Credit Card Fees Only)
Why Custom Apps?

Bobby Approved

Bobby Parrish has a YouTube channel with over 3.5 million followers that mainly covers food (recipes), health, and grocery store shopping guides. His free grocery shopping app has over 200K downloads! He keeps followers highly engaged and receives revenue through partnership deals within the app while also promoting his own brand and products.

Bobby Approved
Jamie O’Brien

Surf App

Jamie O’Brien is a popular pro surfer and free surfer with over 800K followers on Youtube and over a million followers on Instagram. He released the “Jamie O’Brien: Surf Training” app this year and it already has way over 10K downloads. He is able to attract new followers with it and receives revenue from in-app subscriptions and partnership deals that are within the app.

Surf App
Jennifer Tuffen


Jennifer Tuffen (aka izkiz) is a travel and lifestyle blogger with 2.8M followers on Instagram. She has been able to increase her following and keep them engaged with her photo and video editing apps.

Kayla Itsines

Sweat: Fitness App For Women

Kayla Itsines is one of the most popular female fitness influencers, with over 12.5 million Instagram followers. She has built quite a strong fitness-lovers community and is the co-founder of the workout app “Sweat”

Sweat app makes 99.5 Million  per year in app subscriptions

Michelle Tam

Nom Nom Paleo

With almost 500K Instagram followers, Michelle Tan
is the face of Nom Nom Paleo where she talks about all things Paleo and shares delicious recipes. She made a two-time Webby award-winning iOS cooking app that receives around 7,000 monthly downloads.
Michelle Grosses $30K-$40K per month

Nom Nom Paleo
Own Your Audience

Treat your followers like your brand revolves around them.

Brands are not created in large offices. They are created by people like you that have a personality, charisma, and character. Your audience loves you for who you are - so you should create a space for them to feel exclusive with your content.

Payment Gateway Integrations

We connect with Stripe, Apple, and Google Play to ensure your users have a the easiest way to sign up for your app.

Leaderboards and Achievements

Increase engagement across the app by awarding those users that are using the app the most. Give out prizes and show your appreciation.

Action Based Notifications

Send smart notifications to your free users to get them to convert. “If user signs up and does not sign up in 31 days send discount.”

Track Engagement

How many times per month are people viewing your exclusive content? We got you.

Earn More

We know how to avoid the 30% Fee Monster

When you are an influencer on the App Store (Or Google Play) you will have to give 30% of your Revenue to Apple and Google. Recent laws have allowed you to avoid these fees. We help you navigate this to ensure you maximize your sales.

All Creators Welcome

It does not matter what industry you are creating your content in. We create the custom app to match your content and your audience (this is why we build custom apps).

Food Lovers
Everyone knows the way to the heart is through the stomach, which is why we develop mouthwatering food-based applications for influencers in the restaurant industry and food lovers building niche communities.
Technology is the way forward for fitness - just think of all those wearables people take to the gym, up mountain trails, and into the surf. Build a fitness app that users can take with them anywhere, anytime to track their progress, do their workouts, and more.
Create a nurturing environment from which to scale your brand as a wellness influencer. The world needs more good - we can help you build a community app that helps your followers balance their lifestyles, follow your guidance and manage their habits.
Fashion is the ultimate influencer space, but social media makes it hard to follow and even harder to copy. Meet your community’s need for a more exclusive space to talk all things design, clothing and more with our bespoke app development services.
Build a better, safer, and more-inclusive beauty community without the noise that comes from other online platforms. Share tutorials, create forums, and grow your network beyond the borders of limiting social media. With your app, you make the rules.
Get your music heard and ensure that all the rights are yours. With your own music influencer app, there’s no more having to bow down to Spotify and other streaming services - your community can enjoy your tracks and other exclusive content 100% of the time. 
Claire Nolan - Grouped, Inc
"NineTwoThree Digital Ventures treated our project like it was their own, which we really appreciated. Their communication skills were also fantastic."

You’re a creator not a cookie-cutter.

Custom apps are the only way influencers should sell their content. Why? Because you have a brand and cannot fit into a box. Your brand makes you money - it should feel like a billion dollar company - not look like everyone else.

I'm so in!

Building an app with NineTwoThree will pay for itself in 4 months.

We have seen influencer apps produce $50,000 per month from the same audience from TikTok and Instagram of just 300k followers. We even do payment plans to match your Revenue once the product is released.

Years in business
Boston Agency
Fastest growing

Our 5 Step Playbook


Discovery Call

We’ll jump on the call. Yes, Andrew and Pavel - not some sales rep.

Tell us everything about your vision, the company, your ambitions and your target audience.  We aim to make our clients and partners look like superheroes to their customers.  

We love solving problems and worked in many industries. Our goal is to understand your problem and see if our studio has the ability to provide a solution.

Try us out, it's free to contact us - we love ideating.

Contact Andrew

Get A Ballpark

After the call, we'll take everything we know about your project and combine the knowledge with the 50 projects and 14 startups we have already built. We grab a few of our engineers and project managers and talk about YOU.

Typically, our projects fall between 100k and 500k for a 3-5 month build.


Design Sprint

We validate ideas and solve big challenges with you through prototyping and testing ideas. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product to understand if an idea is any good, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype. The sprint gives you a superpower: You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making any expensive commitments.

Understand. Map out the problem and pick an area to focus.
Ideate. Sketch out competing solutions on paper.
Decide. Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.
Prototype. Hack together a realistic prototype.
Test. Get feedback from real live users.


Exact Scope & Cost

We map out your entire project, deliverable by deliverable and tell you exactly when your product will launch. When we propose a budget, we are confident in our team performance and will ensure your project is delivered on time.

Our last three estimations were within 4% of the actual scope:


Build & Grow

We believe in giving customers full visibility throughout the entire development process. We create project management boards on and invite you to see all the updates about every task that the implementation team will be working on.

Each task is detailed with all the screen designs, stories, descriptions and acceptance criteria ready for QA to test its completion. This radical transparency allows you to see the same picture we see and assures you we are on track.


Grouped is a platform where brands get full control over their audience and are able to create online communities that promote lifetime customers.

Learn More

Dish Suggestion Delivery Service

Bar Reuven created an agnostic delivery platform based on what you like, when you want it. We built an application that allows customers to manage their deliveries and food preferences.

Learn More
Dish Suggestion Delivery Service

Exclusive Community

One of the most exclusive communities on the internet wanted away with Facebook Groups. We created an application that took the best of slack, Facebook groups, and tinder.

Learn More
Community App
Exclusive Community

How do influencers make money from custom community apps?

As social media platforms chop and change their policies and algorithms, influencers are starting to realize that these apps are not always the most sustainable source of income or the best way to reach their audiences. Dropping engagement rates, competing social media influencers and other issues make these influencer platforms less and less profitable.

As a digital influencer, there will be a point when your and your follower's needs are no longer met by a simple social media app. This is a sign that it’s time to consider a custom app for your influencer community. Think of it as diversifying your streams of income and giving yourself more peace of mind.

One of the biggest benefits of launching your own dedicated community-engagement app? Money. Lower influencer app marketing costs and rates, exclusive rights to sponsorship and ad opportunities, and the ability to fully own your outgoing content. Plus you get to create a pretty nifty space for your followers to hang out too. 

Which platform do influencers make the most money on?

Some influencers believe that TikTok, Facebook or Instagram offers the best monetization options for expanding their reach while maintaining their current audience, but this isn’t always the case. They aren't the best for influencer relationship management either.

Influencer costs can be high when you’re making use of a social media app to grow your community, and you’re always subject to the dreaded algorithm changes that make your content disappear. 

When using a custom app for your influencer community, you retain all the power. That means you can reach your audience directly 100% of the time, control 100% of your content and 100% of the partnerships you want to take. It's an influencer app that pays every time.

It’s the difference between using public transport to commute and buying your own luxury car.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

Just like there are all kinds of communities, there are also different types of influencers. 

Macro-influencers are the big names everyone thinks of with audiences ranging between 40,000 and 1 million on a single social network. Micro-influencers on the other hand are individuals with between 1,000 and 40,000 followers going from mainstream to niche channels of entertainment and engagement. 

At NineTwoThree Venture Studio we serve influencers with communities of all sizes.

How does an influencer make money from a custom app?

Building a custom app as an influencer is a powerful monetization tool that goes beyond the average social media platform. That's why Facebook, Instagram, and other influencer collaboration platforms aren't up to scratch.

Want to build an in-app tipping system or influencer marketplace store? Consider it done. Want to create different levels of subscription for your audience to access exclusive content? Totally doable. Want to set up a space where you can live stream or have potential sponsors reach out to you? Easy. 

The choice is all yours and the sky is the limit. No third-party app giant needed.

How do you build an influencer community-based app?

When deciding to build a custom app for your community or followers, influencers need to collaborate with agencies that have a proven track record in creating community-based apps.

Mighty Networks was built for scale, Circle was built for teaching and Facebook is selling your data. You should feel comfortable that you have a solution built with the security and privacy of your audience in mind while also meeting your requirements for monetization avenues. 

NineTwoThree Venture Studio is a two-time Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Company in the United States honoree and is the number one Boston-based development agency as listed by

We can build your app from concept to completion quickly based on our experience creating profitable apps and digital ventures. See our expansive portfolio of apps here.

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Influencer Custom Apps:

5 FAQs About Custom Influencer Apps

1. What is a community-based app?

A community-based app is typically an application that is targeted at a specific audience or following and earns money for the influencer. These can be apps that feature chat or meeting room options, live streaming, subscription tiers, and other features that keep them engaged in the community without having to access a third-party app like a social media platform.

2. What makes a person an influencer?

An influencer is an individual who has managed to establish themselves as a thought leader or person worth following in a specific field or niche. This could be a celebrity, an entrepreneur, a personal trainer - anyone that has built up a community around their own brand of content.

3. How much does it cost to build a custom app?

As an influencer, you are ready to take control of your audience from end to end, and that includes supporting their needs for privacy, engagement, and freedom. At NineTwoThree Venture Studio our cost of building an influencer app ranges from $50,000 to $250,000 per platform. However, from our experience, the return on investment for our influencers is less than 4 months. For example - after launching one of our applications that cost $200,000 - the client started making $50,000 per month from subscriptions returning the investment in just 4 months.

4. How do influencers get brand partnerships?

There are several ways to get brand partnerships and sponsorships for your brand as an influencer. This can be as simple as approaching a company with the option to collaborate, or content creators can be approached directly by companies with pitches as well.

5. What is the role of an influencer?

Influencers play an important role in society and in the marketing industry. These individuals are thought leaders that their audiences want to emulate or follow and this means that brand partnerships and custom apps can help the influencer expand their reach and improve their profitability.