What Is A Venture Studio? - NineTwoThree

What Is A Venture Studio? - NineTwoThree

Explore the differences between venture studios and other types of startups to discover why they could work for you

A venture studio is a company that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses. They provide funding, mentorship, and resources to help founders turn their ideas into successful companies. Compared to incubators or startup studios, venture studios hold different benefits for entrepreneurs.

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between venture studios and other types of startups and explain why venture studios are such a valuable resource for entrepreneurs.

Why Are Venture Studios Booming?

Venture studios are growing in popularity because they offer a number of advantages over traditional venture capital startups.

First, venture studios provide entrepreneurs with access to experienced professionals who can help them with everything from product development to marketing and sales. This is extremely valuable for entrepreneurs who may not have the necessary skills or knowledge to build a successful company on their own.

Second, venture studios allow entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best: building their business. Because venture studios take care of the essentials, entrepreneurs can put all of their energy into developing their product and bringing it to market.

Third, venture studios offer a level of flexibility that is simply not possible with traditional VC firms. Founders can retain more ownership equity than they would with a project funded by venture capital.

Another benefit of venture studios is that they offer mentorship and resources. The staff at venture studios are experienced entrepreneurs who can help guide the startup to avoid common mistakes. They also have a network of resources that the startup can tap into, such as designers, developers, and marketing experts.

Lastly, venture studios are also beneficial because the employees of the venture studio build products. This means that the startups have access to a team of experienced product builders who can help them bring their vision to life.

Different Types of Venture Studios

Not all venture studios provide funding in the form of Venture Capital. Some Venture Studios operate like an Agency. They build products for their clients and split the equity with the entrepreneurs. This allows the startup to focus on sales, marketing, and product-market fit - while the venture studio focuses on the product.

Agencies are great incubators of the venture studio model because they have already built the product team through the years and battle-tested their abilities through various client projects. 

If you can find an Agency that also builds internal startups as NineTwoThree does - then you have a great opportunity to get expert guidance and a great product.

Another venture studio that we are familiar with is called Founder's Factory. They are based in London and they have a very different model. Instead of providing funding, they invest time and resources into a small number of startups. In exchange for equity, the startup gets access to a team of over 50 experts who can help them with everything from marketing to product development.

How to Choose a Venture Studio

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a venture studio.

The first is what type of resources and mentorship they can offer. The second is whether or not they have a team of experienced product builders. And the third is how much equity they are asking for in exchange for their resources.

You also should look for a venture studio that is a good fit for your specific needs. 

If you are looking for funding, you should choose a venture studio that has a strong network of venture capitalists. If you need help with product development, you should choose a venture studio that has experienced product builders on staff.

Independent vs Corporate Venture Studios

There are two types of venture studios we’ll focus on here: independent and corporate. Independent venture studios are usually started by entrepreneurs who have experience in starting and growing companies. Corporate venture studios are usually created by large corporations.

Each type of venture studio has its own advantages and disadvantages. Independent venture studios tend to be more nimble and have a better understanding of the startup process.

Corporate venture studios tend to have more resources but may be less focused on the needs of the individual startup.

Final Thoughts on Venture Studios

Overall, venture studios are a great resource for entrepreneurs. 

They provide funding, mentorship, resources, and experienced product builders to help startups succeed. If you are thinking about starting a business, consider working with a venture studio like NineTwoThree.

Do you have any questions about venture studios? Let us know in the comments!

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