Key Attributes of an Agency Builder Startup Studio

Key Attributes of an Agency Builder Startup Studio

See the key attributes of an agency builder and leverage these insights for an informed decision on your own emerging startup studio.

Entrepreneurs that consider forming a startup studio must also choose between a wide array of studio types to create as their business grows. Each type provides its own set of pros and cons that ultimately inform the final decision.

At the same time, the founder needs to take into account their sources of venture capital as well as determine whether or not to target a single industry sector.

NineTwoThree operates as an agency builder startup studio for starting businesses in the early stages and beyond. This approach remains compatible with how we run our business. We craft digital ventures for clients in addition to forging new startup businesses.

Our client work provides us with startup-invested capital while helping us gain critical technical expertise and business domain experience. You can view our portfolio companies here.

We leverage this knowledge to transform compelling business ideas into new businesses. In short, it’s the right strategy that helped us build a high returns digital venture studio making an impact in the technology world.

So let’s take a closer look at the key attributes of an agency builder to see if our approach makes sense for your organization's goal of a minimum viable product. Leverage these insights for an informed decision on your own emerging startup studio. It’s a vibrant and growing community out here!

Relevant Experience in Technology and Business

Remember, agency builder studios also perform work for clients outside of forming new startups and product development. This allows them to gain relevant and transferable experience in the latest technology innovations for successful entrepreneurs, from their business plan to their final startup stage.

Of course, this approach also serves as a vital source of revenue without having to depend on traditional venture capitalist resources and their desire for future ownership percentages. Yet venture studios can do this without VC funding or the need for VC firms.

A keen understanding of modern software development methodologies also remains critical. Taking an iterative approach to building a mobile application ensures cost savings as well as a higher chance of a successful project outcome. Of course, practical experience in recent tech innovations like machine learning, mobile app design, and cloud-based architecture is also important.

A Well-Considered Process For Startup Development

As noted earlier, working on client projects provides a valuable understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Over time, this meaningful experience helps in developing mature processes for both crafting apps and building startups. We leverage industry standards but tailor them to our own needs based on what we’ve learned over time. This approach helps nascent studios quickly achieve higher efficiencies.

Creativity Helps Brainstorm Innovative Solutions

Agency builders’ work for other clients provides exposure to different business sectors, as noted above. At the same time, it also helps them develop the creativity necessary to regularly brainstorm ideas for innovative solutions or even new startup concepts. It’s an essential attribute for any successful studio operating as a digital agency.

Agency Builders Don’t Rely on Venture Capital Funding

Performing digital venture project work for clients provides a critical source of revenue for startup studios following the agency builder model. It’s a scenario that provides these organizations with flexibility as well as a sense of independence. They also retain a larger percentage of ownership of both the parent agency in addition to any incubated startups.

Building Large Coffers of Capital to Fund New Startups

In a related fashion, over time mature agency builders accumulate large coffers of capital which allows them to fund new startup concepts.

As these new businesses generate additional revenue, it creates a feedback loop helping the agency builder to expand and scale at even higher rates. It’s a major reason that the agency builder makes an attractive business model for emerging startup studios.

In essence, this approach creates a side fund separate from the agency builder’s central revenue source. The feedback loop mentioned earlier also helps foster an entrepreneurial community, serving as an extra marketing resource to help draw attention to the agency builder and the new businesses it incubates. Ultimately, it’s a great way to share knowledge and best practices, while attracting technology and business talent to the community.

Agency Builders Easily Build Valuable Networks

Project work for both clients and new startups helps grow a valuable network around an agency builder. It serves as a source for new startup ideas as well as the necessary talent to foster success. Again, agency builders enjoy the flexibility of focusing on both growth and funding simultaneously.

Remote Working Reduces the Dependence on Location

The growth of remote working and talented remote workers makes it easier for agency builders to source talent. In most cases, their physical location doesn’t matter as much compared to the earlier days of the concept. It’s now possible to connect with entrepreneurs and the required technology professionals all over the world even if you work from home.

If you are interested in learning more about startup studios, especially our agency builder approach, connect with our team at NineTwoThree.

Our Digital Venture Studio Playbook offers useful information to help your analysis. Reach out to us for any questions or if you want to discuss a potential partnership.

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