5 Mobile App Use Cases in the Metaverse

5 Mobile App Use Cases in the Metaverse

Given the open-ended concept of the metaverse, envisioning any number of compelling use cases for mobile apps on this platform becomes simple.

The metaverse continues to garner a lot of buzz in the technology world and beyond. Large tech companies from Facebook (now “Meta”) to Microsoft continue planning their own virtual 3D worlds where people interact with each other in ways simulating real life. Microsoft’s metaverse focuses on virtual versions of corporate offices while Meta’s ideas remain less sharply-defined. Of course, other businesses boast other concepts leveraging this new model for human interaction.

No matter the version of the metaverse, expect users to interact with it using a mix of mobile devices, as well as AR, VR, and spatial reality hardware. With smartphones remaining the dominant way users currently access the Internet, expect mobile apps to be the most widely-used client software for the metaverse.

Given the open-ended concept of the metaverse, envisioning any number of compelling use cases for mobile apps on this platform becomes simple. Ideas in the realms of entertainment, video gaming, office productivity, and real-world simulations all seem possible. So let’s look more closely at a few mobile app ideas for the metaverse on our radar. Perhaps these concepts help trigger a few intriguing ideas of your own? 

Work Conferencing and Collaboration Tools

The rapid adoption of remote working in the wake of COVID-19 hints at some obvious mobile apps for the metaverse – conferencing and project management tools. Microsoft’s nascent metaverse platform, which aims to create a digital space where coworkers interact and collaborate in a similar manner as when in a physical office, offers many benefits to companies struggling to keep their remote employees engaged. 

While a mobile app portal to this virtual office makes sense, especially for workers who still travel, a desktop version that seamlessly integrates with office software also intrigues. Of course, Microsoft’s plans likely require using their metaverse version of Windows and Office, but expect other mobile apps to probably support OpenOffice and Google’s online productivity suite.  

An AR-Powered Exercise App 

Various studies note a current public aversion to using bulky VR headsets to access the metaverse. However, a mobile app leveraging AR, Pokémon Go, garnered massive popularity levels just a few years ago. So it stands to reason that AR-powered mobile apps might stand a better chance of wide popularity compared to those using VR.

The concept of an exercise mobile app using AR and the metaverse offers an interesting opportunity. Consider trying to beat your best time racing against a ghost generated by the app while running through a 3D virtual world with captivating scenery. This approach is similar to the software used by Peloton and other exercise equipment makers today. The same concept also applies to other sports-based use cases, including golf, hiking, and more. Merging exercise apps with gamification elements holds much promise for the metaverse moving forward. 

Visiting Family Members in the Hospital With AR Glasses 

The scourge of COVID-19 prevented many from visiting family members in the hospital. This situation happens too often both in sickness and in happier occasions, like the birth of a child. A mobile app for the metaverse using AR-powered glasses offers the hope of bridging this gap during a pandemic or other scenarios where visiting becomes too difficult.

Imagine a case where grandparents are able to visit and hold a new grandchild using a mobile app, the metaverse, and AR glasses. Taking this use case a bit farther reveals additional scenarios, like medical students observing a surgery or nurses learning the art and science of patient care. It also provides a unique opportunity to revolutionize the emerging practice of telehealth. 

Improving Your Sporting Skills 

Somewhat related to the exercise app concept, what about a metaverse mobile app that lets you practice your sports skills against the top athletes in the world? Imagine trying to score a penalty kick against Ederson or sink a 3-pointer over Lebron all within an app? This concept provides opportunities for fledgling athletes to develop their skills while also simply being fun.

Form a New Band With Members Located All Over the Globe 

So you want to form a band, but can’t find anyone in your town with similar music taste. What about forming a global band, where you practice and even perform shows within the metaverse? An AR-powered mobile app allowing real-time interaction and shared audio between musicians offers the opportunity to be a real gamechanger. Users leverage both real and virtual instruments to compose and perform songs like never before. 

Hopefully these mobile metaverse app use cases provided a measure of inspiration for your own compelling ideas. If you want to bring these concepts into the real world, connect with the experts at NineTwoThree. As mobile app developers and an experienced digital venture studio, we specialize in finding new ways to serve existing and emerging markets such as the metaverse.

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